Welcome the Pilot Study Geothermie Aargau!


This project is under active development.

This documentation should serve as a step-by-step description of an open-source workflow from data acquisition to geothermal reservoir modeling, which has been developed in a pilot project at the GEG group at ETH Zurich together with swisstopo. One aim of the pilot project named “Pilot Study Geothermie Aargau”, is to develop a reproducible and integrative workflow, fullly open-source, for a model-based getohermal prospection. With good data situation, and a distinct heat-flow anomaly, the region around Brugg and Aargau in northern Switzerland poses a suited test area for this pilot study. Using the developed workflow, we aim to model this heat-flow anomaly, aiming to simulate the underlying heat-transport processes yielding heat-flow values of up to 140 mW/m².

More info can be found at the GEG-project website.

Map depicting the Canton of Aargau and heat-flow isolines

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